Published: 15-Aug-2021
  Updated: 16-Aug-2021

  • Features
    • Create symlink for selected file or folder from sidebar.
    • Create symlink for currently editing file.
    • Symlink location can be relative to project or absolute path.
  • Inspiration
    • I had a simple usecase to create this extension.
    • I was trying the 'task-runner' extension and found it picks tasks from package.json or ./vscode/tasks.json files.
    • We mostly gitignore the .vscode folder so somehow I wanted to include the tasks.json inside the project.
    • I found that the symlink for tasks.json from project folder to .vscode folder works just fine to show the list of taks in 'task-runner' to execute.
    • The symlinc worked perfectly and that gave me the inspiration to create this extension to make it simple.
  • Data Privacy
    • Please read our data collection policy from our Privacy Policy page.
    • In this vscode-symlink extension we do not collect any data.

  • Screenshots